Fake News

Fake News: How Big Data And AI Can Help

Forbes published an interesting article today that describes how different organizations are using Big Data and AI to address the problem posed by fake news.

To solve these problems, new tools are being developed that rely less on human-generated input, which can be swayed by opinion or a lack of facts.

Google published a paper in 2015 about a new method of scoring webpages based on the accuracy of the facts presented. The algorithm assigns documents a trust score, which would then presumably be used as part of Google’s overall scoring to determine search rank. The technology is important, because it is attempting to understand a page’s context without the use of third-party signals, like links.

Other organizations and tools are also emerging to help fight fake news.  French news media announced that they will be opening a new fact-checking service this month (in advance of French elections) called CrossCheck to identify and debunk fake news items.


A YouTube network graph of 6,902 AI-generated news videos developed by Jonathan Albright.

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