Breitbart Reports Russia to Create ‘Fake News’ Watchdog

czf86s7xeaa_n8i-1The declassified briefing released on January 6th, 2017 by the U. S. intelligence community provides six pages of information describing how the Russians used RT and other outlets to distribute fake news and hybrid news stories to influence the U. S. election. has specialized in hybrid, sensationalized stories that support the Alt-right agenda.  So it was particularly interesting to see that reported the Russian Foreign Ministry is setting up a “Fake News” watchdog.

This is more than the pot calling the kettle black.  This is a professional counterintelligence program attempting to cover its tracks.  RT paid Carter Page to come to Moscow in December of 2016 and accuse Hillary Clinton of using fake news for the same reason.


A map of the network that distributed ‘fake news’ developed by Jonathan Albright.

The study of stories circulating on Facebook prior to the election done by Buzzfeed provides a clear picture: Clinton was the primary victim (below).  Interviews with the people who actually made ‘fake news’ demonstrate it worked great to motivate Trump supporters; but it did not work very well at all on Clinton supporters.

If perpetrators blame the victim aggressively enough, they can confuse the public.  To stay in power, dictators only need to confuse a large percentage of the citizens and prevent them from developing any level of agreement.  Take a close look at the state of ‘democracy’ in Russia.


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