Kremlin trolls exposed: Russia’s information war against Ukraine reported February 11th,

UKRINFORM journalist Lana Samokhvalova found something strange while browsing facebook for a schedule of commemorative events dedicated to the Euromaidan Revolution– she accidently unearthed an entire network of very suspicious, self-identified “Ukrainian patriots.” She quickly realized they were Kremlin trolls who had been working systematically to destabilize the situation in Ukraine:vladimir-putin-tvs

“There was a very distinct pattern. Every two-three days, they’d urge people to bring Molotov cocktails to these commemorative events. To overthrow this government, to throw their Molotov cocktails and march on the government. It was very a distinct and systematic call for violence.”

The story provides a number of excellent techniques for recognizing the different types of troll activity.

Categories: Russia, Ukraine

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